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[IC] NESON DESIGN × Camping Life Linear Switch
« on: Sun, 30 October 2022, 03:23:29 »
What’s up GeekHackers, this is Simen from: NESON DESIGN. It has been a while since we last posted here.
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Today,we would like to present our newest linear switch in collaboration with Gmk Camping designer @Kingnestea.


·Camping Life is a concept of NESON DESIGN

We love camping as an activity that allows us to immerse ourselves into nature, and allows us to be happier and relieves our stress when we have a great time going camping with our family and friends! We hope that we can push this concept to motivate everyone to go on camping, by bringing this theme into custom keyboards! Naturally, we wanted to have this theme to collaborate with GMK Camping, hence we decided to name this the “Camping Life” switch!

After having some long discussions and testing with JWK, we are proud to present how the Camping Life switch meets our expectations: going from color matching the theme, the specification of the springs, and finally, the overall typing feeling and sounding of the switch. We wanted to ensure that this switch can provide everyone with a smooth and stable typing experience. On top of that, we decided to have this switch to be in-stock sale, no need for waiting months after GB! We also designed our switch packaging with some camping related illustrations, in order to capture the mood of going out on a camping trip together. We hope you can enjoy everything that we put together for this switch!


Switch Specifications:

Top: Modified POM
Bottom: Modified POM
Stem: P3 Stem, 13.1mm length
Spring: 20mm long gold spring
Actuation force 52g, Bottom out at 59g
Total Travel: 3.7 ± 0.3 mm
Factory Lubrication: None
Price: $23 per box, 35 switches per box


Philippine: Jaekeyed
Korea: Swagkeys
Singapore: Sparkco store

Sales Time: SOON
Switch Reviews: SOON、

Product Photos (Physical photos):


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Re: [IC] NESON DESIGN × Camping Life Linear Switch
« Reply #1 on: Sun, 30 October 2022, 09:14:49 »
Grateful for the trust to have partnerships with Neson Design.
Can’t wait to bring it to all Singapore fans ! Cheers ~ :)
Calling all fans, please join our discord @
Stay turned & stay safe.
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