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What Linux Distro do the Linux users of GH use?

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Just as an update my crashing seems to have stopped, I've updated the system a couple of times but Firefox was not upgraded.  Strange but not going to complain

Correction - it just  crashed :(

Is it just me, or do other people also experience that Fedora often has kernel hangs? I suspect it is how NVIDIA is patched into stock kernel. Oftentimes when doing GPU intensive stuff OR Firefox, I have kernel hangs. It always starts with firefox locking up, then I cannot open terminals or do anything, and then the mouse freezes.

When I don't touch firefox for hours, but mostly stay in neovim or tmux in terminal (urxvt), it's fine. When I am in Firefox longer times, always a freeze at some moment.

The FF bug I was seeing when highlighting/copying is an older bug that returned and was a result of libx11, not FF.

Only time I see FF crash otherwise is if I spent far too long on eternal scroll, specifically Reddit which is poorly coded.* My systems is pretty rock solid.

*Blame management for the typical "I don't care how, just get it done" attitude.

Wanted to try something fresh so switched one of my VMs from Ubuntu to Fedora.

Fedora went the windows route with their update system, I don't mind, works well.

I'm ashamed to say that I sold my Linux server - during this period where electricity just costs too much in my country I had to retire it.

at home:

1986-1996 DOS, beginning with IBM DOS 2.1, ending with DR-DOS 5, 4DOS command interpreter, DESQview multitasker, and QEMM memory manager

1996-1999 Windows 95, though the only Windows software I had was Netscape.  I ran all my DOS software in console windows.

2000-2011  Mandrake/Mandriva Linux, until it was discontinued

2011-2020  OpenSUSE Linux (KDE)

2020-present  KUbuntu

Not counting brief flings with IBM OS/2 1.3, Red Hat, and Debian.

I think KDE went seriously downhill when they did the rewrite between 3.10 and 4.0; it lost both features and stability.  In return, it got a bunch more eye candy cruft to seek out and turn off. 

at work:

I was a SCO sysadmin in the mid-90s.  IT's budget wouldn't stretch for more copies of SCO, so I set up a couple of Slackware servers with the SCO emulator package.  They ran just fine.

I'm retired and only have a couple of clients now; I have all their servers running OpenSUSE, some of them hosting Windows 10 servers in virtual machines, and some VNC terminals running Raspbian on Raspberry Pis. 


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