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Bruce's Blog - August 2015


Bruce has written up a short blog talking about the new website, our intern's videos and recent releases. An excerpt:

--- Quote ---Just popping in to say Hello and share a little news from The Keyboard Company.

We’re working hard on a new website design. Many would say it is long overdue but the website feels to me like a pair of old slippers. It evolved from a one page website which itself was based on a one sheet fax that we used to have as a send out to new customers. It was a basic list of keyboards. It was never the greatest but we were comfortable with it and it served it’s purpose as a source of information very well.

So I am now all nerves, we have a new design, nothing fancy, but using the more modern tiled feel and using more ‘white space’ and all the user friendly touches that the designers are keen on. I just hope it works. We have some work to do on the back end but expect to see it live in a month or two. For those who prefer the old homepage we will run that under a link.

--- End quote ---

Full article on our blog:


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