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Welcome Clueboard!

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I'd like to welcome Clueboard as the newest Vendor on geekhack.  Clueboard is run by skullydazed, and can be found at

As of the time of writing, the website is under construction, but should open up soon.  :thumb:

And as always, this subforum is a place to discuss and share products, feedback, and anything else specifically related to Clueboard's wares.  If anyone has any questions regarding this addition, please feel free to post in this thread or send me a PM.  :)


This post will be removed in or after 4 weeks.  :thumb:

Intriguing. Welcome clueboard. What do you have in store?

Welcome and good luck with your endeavours, Clueboard :)

Welcome! I'm excited to see what you have to offer; I signed up to be notified when you site it open  :thumb:

Woo! I've seen some really cool things with skullydazed's name attached, so I'm looking forward to see what comes out of this website!


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