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Request - Plum MX 96 from TaoBao


Dear imsto!

I'm interested in buying a Plum MX 96 keyboard from TaoBao -
Please let me know if you're willing to help me buy it, if so then I'd be also interested in 100 Gateron Blue switches(either complete switches or stems, clickers and springs), and a pack of your silicone balls.

I wrote you a PM regarding this matter over two weeks ago, and I've also sent you a message through your store, but I've yet to receive a reply. I'm still hopeful that you'll contact me and we'll have a chance to successfully conclude this business.

hello did you get the balls? Interrested of knowing how these are felling vs orings.

I was really hoping that I'll be able to tell you something more substantial, but so far I've just received a laconic response from imsto, to which I replied, but I haven't heard from him since.

I'll let you know if things start moving along.


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