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Not sure what switch you want? Looking for a way to display your artisans? Want to try your hand at soldering a keyboard before you potentially ruin an expensive PCB?

The switch tester comes with 20 different switches and either white or blue LEDs. After assembly you can get a true feel for how a particular switch behaves because the LED will light up when you activate a switch. Did you know that different switches activate at different mid-points? Do you know how quickly a particular switch resets before you can press it again? Want to see how hard it'll be to avoid bottoming out? Answer all of these questions and more.

Want a clean and tidy display stand for your artisans? Just add a laser cut acrylic case! Custom cut after you order, the acrylic case is available in a variety of colors- Clear, White, Black, Blue, Gray, Green, Red, Smoke, and even Iridescent. Here's an example of the black case:

The first 30 orders will include 62g Purple Zealios, after that my stock runs out until ZealPC restocks!

That's cute!

Very interested in pics with a case!

How do you order?


--- Quote from: njbair on Sun, 29 November 2015, 15:48:21 ---Very interested in pics with a case!

How do you order?

--- End quote ---

More pictures are coming this afternoon after I finish my lightbox. Tomorrow I'll be cutting a display case and can take pictures of that then. As for ordering, I had hoped to open my store by now but every time I think I'm almost ready 3 new things pop up. :) They'll be orderable soon.

Looks neat. I'd definitely be interested at the right price.


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