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This order was made on October 3, 2015. On October 11, IMSTO promised to send the product "tomorrow", also claiming that the product was not in stock when I made the order. It was, and still is, according to the website. After that, IMSTO hasn't replied to any of my emails.

What's the current status of my order?

Im also waiting on an order I placed October 26th. No reply to me support email. My order was just moved to 'processing' at the end of November...  :(

IMSTO has logged in but not posted since September 5th so I wouldn't get your hopes up for a reply.

Just to give you an update, vernonseta. I got a tracking code emailed to me January 6th and received my package today.

thats 79 days to get some stabilizers.... Ironically I got the 7u stab I needed from the  Compact SQ group buy the week before  :rolleyes:

I also had the tracking info emailed to me. The parcel is still adventuring somewhere in China, but I'm sure it'll arrive someday.  :thumb:

hi, sorry for the delay, I usually send a batch once a week or two if the stuff are in stock.


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