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[GB] SA Grand Budapest (complete)

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--- Quote from: budley on Thu, 03 November 2016, 14:55:45 ---Just saw this.  Great keycaps for my GF! 

Would be really nice if the numpad was separate, though, as it seems TKL is the most-popular keyboard layout and all what I have.  Including the numpad drives up the price of the modifiers quite a bit.

--- End quote ---

Yeah. You can definitely sell the numpad I believe. A lot have pmd me about getting that alone.

What is the R3 Insert cap in the non-standard part of the mods kit for? If I use R3 Ins and R4 Del, let's say on the far-right column of a 65%, then there won't be any caps left to fill R1 and R2 that make sense. R1 PgUp and R2 PdDn, maybe, but these will be pink instead of purple.

How close are the alpha and mod kits numbers from 250?


--- Quote from: poolside on Sun, 06 November 2016, 06:26:51 ---How close are the alpha and mod kits numbers from 250?

--- End quote ---

Looks like we'll be having less than 150 set internationally :). We changed the MoQ is why.

Last few hours!

Group buy extended to Nov 10 :)


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