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How actually durable switches are?

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Let's say I'm using an MX tactile switch such as Kailh BOX Jade switch or a tactile switch such as the panda variant Boba U4T, I know this switches are rated for millions of keystrokes (usually 50m), but would they feel the same after 50 million presses? 
People get a backup board, but do they get backup switch packs?

Would def not feel the same.

I'm not an expert anything, but I assume the spring would be the first to give? This means bork, and if you replaced it, the switch would probably feel much smoother after millions of breaking in presses. I also do have backup boards, switches not really as I don't think I would ever use a switch that much to the point of needing more, I would likely have already changed boards/switches.
At 50m key presses, if you had 10,000 key presses a day, your switch would last for about 13.5 years. The spring or the copper leaf is what would likely wear out. Most of the packs I get I have a few extra than what the board uses.

I'm wondering if those tests also include switch feel, 50m is well above and beyond, but I wonder if the switches will feel the same after couple of years, assuming my boards will survive that long.
I was thinking more about the stems wearing out, the BOX stem notch and the tactile MX bump, thinking about getting backup packs.

Switches rarely feel the same at 1000 presses compared to what they do at 1 or 2.
By 1mil they should have smoothed out on the plastic a bit.

I buy spare switches in case they get damaged being assembled, I don't buy them with the intention of replacing them at 50mil strokes. I have backup boards because sometimes you just need a second keyboard or one may have a feature making something I'm working on easier. My 65% can be a hassle if I have a system being a pain getting into bios, a macro helps when working with numbers.

Spares for Models Fs make sense, there is nothing really to replace it, same for an older ALPS board, but MX is constantly changing, usually for the better. Even if I can't get my favorite switch in 10 years chances are I'll be able to get something equally as good or better, or we won't even be using keyboards, either way it's not an issue. Chances are you will get bored of this keyboard long before then anyhow.


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