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Hi Guys,

Decide to join geekhack, after lurking for while  :D. When the site was down almost checked everyday to see if it is up.

My first keyboard is a blue CM Storm quick fire rapid. Using at home and loving it so far.

Things ordered/bought so far:
1) Novelty keycaps
2) Red Alert base kit
3) Orange 37 PBT keycaps

Looking to buy a brown switch for office. Planning to get a white filco TKL.

Wish list:
1) Vintage keyboard - IBM Model M
2) Poker/Pure

Thank You.

Welcome! Sounds like you are diving right in now that you are an active poster.

Welcome to GH

Lethal Squirrel:
Very good wishlist! :D
I want a Red Alert kit sooo bad though lol

Thank you for the warm welcome.


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