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So, back in the day

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So back in the day, a good friend of mine sponsored his Vietnamese cousin, Bin (pronounced Bean), in order for him to attend high school here in the states.  At first, he didn't quite fit in with kids at his school probably because of the lack of communication and who knows what else.  One day, the three of us are playing MW2 and Bin asks my friend and I, 'Hey, can you guys teach me how to talk s**t?' Of course we agreed.  S**t talking class began.  After few weeks of practicing, we're playing MW2 once again and Bin says to his cousin, 'Hey Reagan, how about I come over there and suck your d**k.' Reagan and I both stop and ಠ_ಠ. In his quick realization, he yells, 'MISTAKE MISTAKE!'

Anyhow, I thought it was pretty funny at the time and it seemed like mistakemistake was always available as a username, so it stuck. Within the past year, was introduced to the keyboard world. I'm sadly addicted.  My first board was a TKL Leopold w/ browns that sits happily on top of my stereo receiver.  Though I have only recently created an account, I've been reading for quite a while. So hello all!

That's my very first keyboard as well, using it now in fact. I'm glad you've joined the mechanical keyboard party.

Haha that's a pretty funny story...  mistake! mistake!  lol

Anywho, welcome to Geekhack.  :)


lawl funy story where is Bin now?


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