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--- Quote from: HoffmanMyster on Sun, 25 August 2013, 14:24:42 ---Finally!  My pleas have been answered and my board has been blessed with a single drop of rain.  It's not raining in full force quite yet, but it's a good start.  I'm just hoping that more will come.  Every ocean starts with one drop of water, right?
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I would be so happy to flood my board with some Raindrop beauty.

--- End quote ---

A few months ago I completed my last rain dance, and was awarded a wonderful Raindrop set thanks to bunnylake and inlikeflynn.  My follow-up post is long overdue.

I have since relocated, but my keyboard has been blessed with the liquidy goodness of Raindrop!  Finally the drought is over and my keyboard can drink up those sweet sweet keycaps.

Soooo goooood.....

Now let's get it on a keyboard!  I dribbled out a few keycaps at a time.  Didn't want to flood the board and overwhelm it.

Looking good so far.  Now I just need to pour in the modifiers.

Final product.  Mmmm, so tasty.  Who knew a good rain was all a keyboard needed to grow so pretty?

I've opted to put a personal touch in addition.  Meet Lumber-Chap, defender of the Rain.

That's all I've got!  Thank you so, so, so much to bunny and flynn for the generosity.  I really appreciate this, and I love the caps!  :D

Thanks for completing the picrture series!

Your board looks really awesome Sir  :thumb:

nice pics sir, i have no idea if the other winner got their package from techkeys or not, i assume they did but i never heard form them again

That lumber chap looks good lol..


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