Another 6 year celebration giveaway

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--- Quote from: MTManiac on Fri, 23 August 2013, 10:57:55 ---Of all the things I could ask bunny santa for I would ask for a Teensy
I want to make my own programmable keyboard and a Teensy is one of the few components I can't cannibalize from all these old boards.
I am just scared of ordering one and getting a fake!

--- End quote ---

Order one from PJRC, and you won't get a counterfeit.

Hi Bunnylake :)

Ever since I joined GH and first tried cherry doubleshots I knew they were the best for me. I found originative's site and always wanted to order, but as a newbie located in northern europe it has always seemed impossible.

So what I'm asking for is a GMK white/grey doubleshot set with blue legends because they look awesome. I hope this was a reasonable request for this giveaway and thanks for hosting another awesome one :D

There's probably others out there more deserving than myself but on the off chance I'm chosen I'd love one of the iron man helmets from the cinnn group buy!

I want HawkStone Hall, it has just gone up for sale not too far from me and its a measly 5million if you don't mind?

I still want that t-shirt that got lost in the mail  :rolleyes: ;D
or a mx clack of any type, or a Valentines set but they are impossible to find T_T


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