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Keyboard Vendor/Service Owner
« on: Tue, 26 October 2021, 11:40:36 »

My name is Kahlil! I founded KNC Keys LLC just recently. It started out as to means to continue doing what I love, building keyboards, without paying for it, then as a Build Service on Shopify for the benefit of tracking orders. What makes my service stand out from others, is the vast modifications and services that I provide, all at a affordable price. I like to create a personal connection with all my customers, I love feedback and assisting others. One thing that was continuously recommended to me, and stuck, was for me to provide essential parts and resources. Then I realized, "hey why not provide parts to start, and see where that takes me?" Now my store provides a small selection of switches, switch film and stabilizers. You can check it out here  I would love to hear any feedback or recommendations that you have for me.

My vision: The build service, is no longer just my focus, my store now provides products. I want to expand on those products and even want to release original products to the market. I am currently talking to both Durock and Tecsee and want to have a custom switch made in a unique colorway that I believe will be a hit. (Not just a recolor either, the housing will be a unique combination) Be on the lookout for a IC in the future. My only concern currently is CAPITAL. I will most likely have to take out a loan to make this happen. Another option to make this happen is to collab with other vendors across the globe. You can message me in private if you'd like to know more about it.

A bit more about me:
For the past year, since I've been in the hobby, I have lived, breathed and dreamt of KEYBOARDS. Just ask my wife... This is my passion. Now that I have a business, doing what I love, has finally given my wife a reason to accept my love for keyboards.

I cannot share what I actually do for a living, sorry! But I live in San Antonio, TX, have been for a couple years and am prone to moving around. Where ever I go, my business and family will follow. I have 2 kids, both toddlers and they make me very happy and are also the reason why my hairline has been pushed back a good inch. Other than keyboards, I love gaming and am a part-time student at CSU-Global (Colorado State Uni). I play RimWorld, Warzone and CK III.

Any who, sorry for this somewhat uncoordinated/long post and thanks for taking the time to read!