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Old THICK WYSE DCS can be a bad idea in most cases...


Hello! I love DCS profile and finally get the thick version from WYSE PCE keyboard which is so much hype about (not).
I have found the keycaps and switch tops have contact when it pressed down, even in south position. It gives bad feeling, neutralises silence of silent switches.
And only a switch, the stem of which does not fully enter inside, can help. Long pole Durock POM for example work well.
So, this keycaps are not universal thing! And overall quality not reach Cherry OG (see NJ on last photo).

Next, let me try to describe a features of some types of DCS keycaps:

1. So, '84 from some IBM keyboard (DCS lettering inside). It thin, sound hollow and hi-pitch. And to some extent have a "contact" problem too. In lesser.
2. 89. WYSE PCE ANSI. Thick and half-thick caps on one board. Both sound much deeper. Both have contact problem.
3. 93. QUME Q500 terminal keyboard. Thin, without "inner frame". Sounds hollow and hi-pitch. But it not have contact problem - for south and north position. Seems it best old DCS caps for silent switches!
4. New DCS Cream Chease and Green. Looks almost like '84, no contacts. Sounds hollow and hi-pitch. For silent gang ok)

PS: seems modern PC and PBT keycaps made with different molds.

This is all some very interesting information. I didn't know about the contact problem.

With regard to sound, I put some of the '89 WYSE caps on a Filco Majestouch 2 with pre-tooled Browns. These are the very-best sounding keycaps for that board, bar none. Deeper and lower-pitched than GMK and many PBT sets.

I never tried them on silent switches, though, and never considered it. They are best used to increase the tactility and improve the sound of MX Browns. I use GMK and especially thick Cherry-profile PBT for silenced switches, as that seems to give the best result.


--- Quote from: HungerMechanic on Sat, 29 May 2021, 18:34:19 ---This is all some very interesting information. I didn't know about the contact problem.

--- End quote ---

I did some new research and it seems the thick caps are interfering due to the round pieces in corners. I think it's easy to just cut them off with a knife or dremel.
Also, letter-colored stem caps feel smoother around the edges of scoops. Сaps with an inner frame sit slightly higher.


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