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On other forums I peruse there are actions required before being able to buy/sell/trade. Having a minimum post count is a popular system, so you can establish some sort of reputation to uphold.

Well, I believe he came back to me.  I hope things go through smoothly this time.


--- Quote from: acchen;258315 ---So, he says it's sold to me and tells me to send payment yesterday, so I sent the payment.  Today he comes back and tells me he has a better offer so he refunds my payment.  Just not the most ideal seller ethics.  If you want to wait for a better offer, then wait for it.  Don't accept an offer and change your mind after payment has been made.  Thanks.
--- End quote ---



--- Quote from: isp;258669 ---:suspicious:

--- End quote ---

And now he's just ignoring all my contacts... even when I just want him to refund my money now.  This is horrible;  These are some of the perks of buying online...

We probably need to enforce some kind of minimum post count required to buy/sell/trade here, as someone else suggested. On the other hand, this post was just a link to an eBay auction, so maybe the repercussions need to come directly from the eBay reputation system in this case.



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