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ABS M1 in excellent condition (2 available)

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I'm selling off my supply of ABS M1s, and there are two to choose from. The first was used on and off for about a year, but it has been thoroughly cleaned and is still in excellent condition. As a consequence of the cleaning, a couple keys came away with scratches (Tab and numpad 2). There are 12 pictures in a Dropbox gallery:

Because of the scratches, I'm letting the first one go for only $30. I have another one that was used on and off for about a month, but I haven't attempted to clean it yet because of what happened with the first one (hardest keys to get off I've ever seen). It doesn't really need a cleaning, though.

Since the second one was used for a shorter period of time and is still unblemished, it'll be $45. Buyer pays shipping in either case, and I'll go with whatever service you'd prefer (UPS, FedEx, USPS). North American buyers only, please.

I will entertain reasonable offers, but I think the prices are pretty fair as-is. Bundling the boards together, however, might result in a pretty sweet deal for you. ;-)

I'm willing to do both for $70 shipped within the CONUS.

You have my attention, and I will reference someone else to this thread.

The one with the 2 scratched keys is in a pending sale right now. I want to get rid of the other one as well, so make me an offer. I don't want to give it away, but maybe we can arrive at a price that we both agree on.

The more expensive one has been sold, and the cheaper one is still a pending sale (awaiting payment).


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