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The White Ducky 1087 of DOOM with The Ducky of DOOM Wrist Rest.

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--- Quote from: MissileMike;262921 ---Oh no!  It's both brown and blue?  I thought it was a blue based board.

I hereby remove myself from the waiting list :(  Sorry about that!
--- End quote ---


I think you're just using it as excuse to sell Missile technology to the North Koreans.


--- Quote from: ripster;262934 ---I'll send you the rest of the pic series!!!!  Name the position!  Anything is possible with Legos.

--- End quote ---

ripster knows me best


--- Quote from: ripster;262947 ---Yeah, but I'd take MissleMike's hard cash if I were you.

You can always purchase "services" with it.

PLUS, he already called dibs.  Schoolyard protocol.
--- End quote ---

Brilliant.. so with the hard cash I can purchase any services that I want.

Too bad he undibbed himself cuz he don't like the brown stains or Kim Jong Il said no.

So what part is blue, and what part is brown?


--- Quote from: ripster;262953 ---
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--- End quote ---

dood how did u get a lego of Mahamould Ahamlaadinejalad?

--- Quote from: MissileMike;262958 ---So what part is blue, and what part is brown?
--- End quote ---

brown typing area so i suspect u still don't want it since u don't like poo!


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