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This is an interest check for cardboard boxes for storing key caps, similar to the boxes shown below from Taobao. Each box can hold 2 sets of 104 keys. Shadovved has a source for these and if there is enough interest, then we'll start a group buy for them.

If you're interested, please post what Country you're in and how many boxes you'd like to purchase.

If the above photos do not appear for you, here are the direct links: Photo 1 | Photo 2

Currently, it's looking to be approximately $3.25 per box. After we get an idea of how much interest there is and how many orders we might be able to generate, we'll approach the manufacturer and see if we can get a deeper discount.

Initial thoughts were AirMail via China Post, which is currently estimated around $2 per box.

However, since the numbers are looking good, we're also examining the possibility of using proxies to see if that reduces the shipping. Given the size thus far for the US, we'll see if it makes more sense to ship one large order and then distribute from there. Bottom line is that it's too soon to tell, but that is what an Interest Check is good for -- sorting these kinds of things out.  ;D

The Numbers
   United States: 137 - 170
   Canada: 23 - 40
   Europe: 32 - 44
   Australia: 10
   Singapore: 17 - 22
   TOTAL: 219 - 286

Interested in 10-20 depending on shipping

I'd be in for 12 or 15, easily.


I'm definitely interested in a few of those 10-20.

I'm in the EU though, so that might cause some problems...
If we get more EU interest I might be willing to help in EU distribution of this, however I've never done something like this before and might be going over my head here. (I really want these boxes. ;) )

Actually send out quotes to a few dutch cardboard box manufactures last week, but none of them was willing/able to make something like this. :/

I might opt for courier shipping if cost issnt too prohibitive :-X

Please kindly start a form to register qty so I might ask for shipping quotes easily ;)

EDIT: I would prefer to have a local/regional distributor, cos local shipping would definitely be cheaper, I suppose


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