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[IC] 8 Bit Megaman Qwerkeys key caps

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I brought up the idea of an 8 bit Megaman key cap in the Qwerkeys retro gaming interest check and several people seemed interested, so I decided to do a proper interest check.  If I do this, I will probably also be running their retro group buy in the U.S., or will at least be in charge of distribution.

Here are the potential proposed designs on black and white caps.  They would be on R1 (function row, number row) and should be done on Qwerkeys J series blanks, but I can double check on what exact series they do their UV printing on.  Keep in mind these are rough mock ups, not actual caps and the actual printed cap may look different.



Final caps will look different, but that should give you an idea.

Interest check form

Pricing per cap would be as follows according to Qwerkeys:

50+ =  2 each
100+ = 1.50 each
200+ = 1.20 each
500+ = 1.00 each

Packs of keys count toward the minimum, so if you wanted to do three or four different key designs bundled as one, it would take 25 committed yes for a 6 four pack of keys and 34 for a guaranteed 6 three pack of caps. 

Keep in mind, this pricing does not include the shipping cost to the US and reshipping to the buyers.  Shipping cost to the U.S. would be split between all the buyers.  If it goes to group buy status, I will get an estimate from Qwerkeys.  I am thinking it would be the most fair to split the shipping cost on a per key basis.  So if 150 caps are sold and shipping is $20, you would pay an additional ~$0.13 per key cap.  If you order 10, that'd be $1.30.

Shipping to you, if shipped via bubble mailer, shouldn't cost more than $3-5 if you're in the US, depending on how many you get.  If you want more substantial packaging, shipping will obviously be more.

And bigger pics of the designs:

Design 1:
Design 2:
Design 3:
Design 4:
If you have any comments, ideas, or feedback, be sure to leave it in the thread or drop it in the additional comments box on the interest check form.


We could also do an 8 bit Rush key if anyone was interested:

Edit 2:  If the interest check looks good, Pexon will be in charge of UK and EU distribution.

It'd definitely be cool to have these as F keys.
Edit: That rush key is definitely cool too. Interested.

Shut up and take my money!

**** yes I'm in. I want a Rush cap as well!!

any chance the villains/bosses will be included?


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