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[IC] Russian/English keycaps on Black (37 key)

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Hello everyone, I'm new to the forum, but I have been in touch with Qwerkeys and they advised me to post here. I am the proud owner (!) of a new Majestouch 2 from Filco with blues, and I love it! However, I am unable to type any Russian characters on it yet, as I have purely English UK keycaps.

I was told by Qwerkeys that a 37 key Russian/English set would cost 50 per person, and they would give me mine free if I found 30 other people. However, I don't feel in a position to manage an order myself yet, so would be happy to pay for my keyboard and hand the 'freebie' over to whoever chooses to order it, but I imagine that goes without saying.

I was hoping for something along the lines of black background, UK layout, English keys in the top left in white, with the Russian keys in another colour (say blue or orange) in the bottom right of each key. Of course, as such things must be subject to the democratic process, I shan't be sticking hard and fast to my particular design preference! Forgive the attached image as the keys in question are covered in stickers, but this is roughly what I had in mind:

Thank you all,


Or you can get these awesome thick PBT caps with unfading dye-sublimation fonts :)

Not light on black, but worth pointing out!

They do look really nice, but I was looking for black keys. Apart from that they're almost perfect, which is a shame!

I think the difficult part is you want something with a black base. The first thing that comes to mind is double shot abs white on black, but since you want cyrillic with it, that'd have to be pad printed iirc (another difficulty there is pad printing on black). I don't think I've seen a Cherry board with that (people who are more versed in Cherry boards please feel free to chime in).

Your best bet is QWERkeys since they can infill legends on black and do UK ISO qwerty with cyrillic.

I'm sure there are others that share your interest so GL with your IC, welcome to GH and free bump for you sir :D

Cheers eyesmiles! The more I've been reading the more I'm beginning to realise that black base keycaps are far more difficult to come by. For this reason I am leaning towards the set that Photoelectric posted, but I'm wondering:

I own a TKL MJT-2, so if an 88 key option was available, that would definitely be preferable, and is it possible to have it in UK format? I noticed that only a couple of the keycap sets came in the UK layout. Ideally, I'd be more than happy to purchase the white/grey set Photoelectric offered, on the proviso that it could be produced in the UK layout - if I'm forced to buy a 105 key layout as a result, that would be less of a problem, but UK layout with cyrillic is preferable!



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