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I don't come here often, and I am not the person to actually host a group this is more of a request. I want to buy either a Poker 2 or a Pure (Poker 2 preferably)....but the one I end up with heavily depends on the price that I can get it at. So I was hoping to get some wisdom from someone who knows how these things work.

1. This IS an interest check thread, I just won't be hosting the group buy (is there anyone here knowledgeable/willing to do it?)
2. What kind of prices can be had on these two keyboards?
3. If switch type matters, I am looking for MX Reds.

Sorry if this is the wrong place. Thanks!

Why would we need a GB on boards that we can already get for a decent price at vendors? The Poker 2 is on sale at and The Pure can also be bought at

Well for one they always seem to be out of stock...and two, I was hoping for a better price than $110-115 (per and ebay).

There was a Poker 2 GB before those 2 vendors carried the keyboards. Qtan had an Interest Check and a Group Buy. Looks like Qtan only got the price down to $94. But I'm not sure if that truly GB pricing or if Qtan was still making some money off it.

$94 shipped wouldn't be a bad price...I've seen them for $94 + $18 shipping on ebay...

However I just noticed the Pure Pro can be had for $95 but it comes in a not-so-attractive off white color. Massdrop did one for the Pure Pro with black/gray for $90-something... I wonder if that price could be had again and if people would be interested in it.


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