Author Topic: Number row is sticky. R/ALT binded to L/ALT. Please help fixing my keeb  (Read 268 times)

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Hi guys,
So today I had a bit of tweak in VIA to set layer, macros and functions for my keyboard.
However, after a while, I noticed a few problems:
    1/ my number key row becomes sticky (which mean it only registers once). Key "1" to "=" has this problem;
    2/ my R/Alt key is bound to my L/Alt key, despite this was not my setting;
    3/ As you can see my ESC, INSERT, DELETE HOME, END, PAGEUP, PAGEDOWN were sort of weird. I don't know what the exact problem, but they don't register the same as other keys.

I have cold-reset the PCB with a tweezer. Still did not work.
I seek your expertise as I am a beginner in custom keeb. This is my first custom keeb and I love it.

Attached is the video of me testing the keys on VIA. Same goes with any other key testing platform.

Have a great day guys!

UPDATE: Resolved by restart PC. Got to keep my settings
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