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Making exotic wood artisan keycaps

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--- Quote from: failKeys on Mon, 11 December 2023, 08:56:08 ---I'd need a drawing to see how they function. I'm not really sure if I'm going to make more though right now. Was the typical thing, everyone said they wanted one soooo bad... but then never bought them. :P

--- End quote ---

yeah i get it. thats the hard part of doing ICs and stuff because people will say it looks cool and then they buy something else and dont have money for your product or when the time comes to actually buy it they dont want it anymore, annoying lol

I am quite terrible at selling as well. And it doesn't help that reddit is the big place for this, and if you mis-time a "promotional" post, it just goes away largely unseen.
But I'm not bitter. :P

I have more people wanting to buy my CNC machine (I make that too) as a result of my couple videos than the keycaps. haha.

Another little video showing padauk caps being made. Whee.

Do you make other things with wood or just caps (this sounds like a bad pickup line)? I was wondering if you could guide me on something if you have the time.

I make lots of things. mostly metal. but i do guitars as well.


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