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Posted on r/MK and was contacted by


I posted a build on r/mk and it did pretty well. After a day or two contacted me about receiving a keyboard from them to build and review and do a few posts.
A few emails back and forth and they've requested 1 video a week for a month (this can be something as simple as a typing asmr video or an extensive review).

Additionally, they'd like some social media posts; which, sure, no problem.

I've never heard of them but was curious if any of you have dealt with and what you thought about them.

I've had offers like this before (from well known companies)...
If you take it, sure you get the board, but what of your reputation, you're now a shill (I'd remove their link as you're already doing the work for them), because remember they aren't going to want bad reviews. Is your opinion worth the $200 or whatever, do you even want the board? If not do you want to soil your rep for it? $200 isn't a lot of money these days (especially in the U.S.), and they didn't even pay anywhere close to that for it. In their eyes, you're going to be working for a lot less than minimum wage no matter how fast you plow through it.

Is it legit?
Maybe, but what if it's someone posing as them? They will have a bit of personal info, and if shady they could do all sorts of things with it. There's a lot of scams out there.


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