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Where are some places you guys get your key caps? I know the group buys is one, but whats other ones?

I'd like to change out the ones on my Cherry MX board.

Only one I'm considering right now is this one,

send a PM to Imsto.  He is a member here, and I believe he is also an admin at KBC forums.  He does frequent group buys of keys from China, such as the ones listed in that ebay link.  He can get any color of the rainbow, plus titanium.  However, full sets are usually only available in black and white, hence the enormous desire to run group buys for custom colors.

A full set in titanium would be nice, but crazy expensive.

They should make aluminum ones!

Don't forget to also check the Marketplace here.  You never know what's gonna show up next.

One day I'm going to open up a lil' keycap store.  There's a shortage of easy-to-buy caps.  But the cheapest way will likely always be group buys here or elsewhere.


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