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Model M keycaps in UK ?

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Hello all,

The title says it all. I recently found an old 1391406 at my workplace and unfortunately its missing keycaps. I had a look around the web without luck so I am asking you guys: is there a place in the UK (alternatively other EU country) where I can find Model M keycaps? Any help will be greatly appreciated.

There is a mini group buy in deskthority
guys want to order stuff from unicomp
if u want to find a single piece of keys, just go clickykeyboards and spend a dollar.
if a whole set
go deskthority
deadline Friday, so hurry

... or just order directly from Unicomp at your leisure (

I was going to suggest the group buy at deskthority, as well. What, exactly, do you need? I have bags of incomplete sets, and I was going to be ordering another set to replace the incomplete set on a keyboard that I recently received that are stained beyond cleaning, so odds are good I have what you need.

You pay shipping, and they are yours, if I have them. I even have ISO enters and left shifts, as well as the stabilizer plug you would need for the vertical keys.

Unicomp is pretty much the only way to go. At least the keycaps wont cost much to ship.


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