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White Keycaps for Filco Majestouch TKL

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I'm looking for white engraved keycaps for my Majestouch TKL, and i've found this on eBay:

I understand there aren't any key caps for TKL keyboards, so i'll have to buy a full set of key caps.
I'm just not so sure these will fit my filco. What do you guys think?

They should fit just fine but Filco doesn't have LEDs on key caps so all it might look a bit out of place on a Filco. lol  Anyway, you can contact the seller directly since he's also a member here.

Also I think qtan has Filco key caps so you might wanna contact him also.  Good luck.

He sure does.

I bought these from the seller. I put them on my Filco tenkeyless. They fit just fine. It does look a little out of place from the LED windows though but I'm fine with it. FYI, they're pad printed ABS. I should've read a little more. Thought I was getting engraved somehow. They still look good though.

I have a related question. The "white" Filco TKLs are really more of an offwhite or cream, and it seems that most white keycaps don't match the keyboard's shade. Is there any place to get blank keycaps that match the white Filco?


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