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Need New Ergo Keyboard (for Programmer)

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--- Quote from: CaptainKirk;138060 ---You are also correct that the lack of a numeric keypad assists in having the right hand closer to the mouse (for righties like me), but I see no reason to suggest that having the left hand close to the right is of any benefit whatsoever. I have not researched any studies on RSI but certainly there is ample anectodal evidence that ergonomic keyboards are easier on the hands.
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I didn't get it either till I tried it myself. The general laws of ergonomics suggest that you should sit with the monitor straight and your arms out straight. Assuming that you have some sort of space constraint such as a keyboard tray, you can't really do this with a regular keyboard, as you will generally place the keyboard over to the left slightly to accomodate your mouse. Even if you have lots of space, you end up with your mouse too far over to the right for comfort. With a tenkeyless, you can have the keyboard straight in front of the screen and have ample space for a mouse or trackball.

Also, if you are doing a lot of command line stuff in Linux, particularly with Vim or Emacs, you might want to check out the layout of the HHKB which is designed specifically for this stuff. I even have remapped some of the keys on my Thinkpad so that it is similar to this layout.


--- Quote from: MsKeyboard;138057 ---  I won't get into switch design, but as far as having one board that can be positioned in an almost unlimited manner you will find the Solo very accommodating.
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Maybe you should. Or someone else. Having mushy keys is what I disliked about the MS Natural. Relative to my Datadesk, it was like typing on wet pistachio shells.

I like the tactile aspect of the Datadesk, but as noted, it's a bit too hard to press. Can anyone comment on what the Freestyle Solo is like? The videos don't really show that.

Ok, not where I wanted to go with this thread, but here goes......

The Solo board is a membrane board, not really what I would call "mushy" but definitely not tactile either.

You are going to get recommendations here that will cover the entire spectrum, but for the most part there are always concessions to be made.  You have to determine what is important to you and let us guide your decision.

Don't forget, let us know what you choose, and how it works out for you.


Hmmm, what's important to me? I can't really say because I'm not sure what the membrane is like. I have here in my office a cheap Quantum keyboard and a cheap HP keyboard that came with a PC I bought 2 years ago. They both feel somewhat similar. They're not mushy either, but they're not tactile. Is that what the Freestyle is like?

Although I'm not sure these are NOT called "mushy." They also seem to bottom out with every keystroke. I suppose for one not familiar with various key types, I will just have to experiment and see, eh?

I bought the Datadesk on the recommendation of a friend who loves it. You did recommend the Freestyle and I presume that for the price, it can't be a BAD keyboard. As you also said. :)

Wait, which Kinesis has the Brown switches?


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