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Classifieds / Re: [WTS] R6 caps - White, violet, and black, mostly 1U
« Last post by jennb on Sun, 15 July 2018, 21:07:55 »
Added R6 keycaps for sale.
Group Buys and Preorders / Re: [GB] 75SQ (Acrylic 75% keyboard) [Refund]
« Last post by greenbox on Sun, 15 July 2018, 21:04:51 »
I got my refund through paypal

Unfortunate the GB didn't proceed but I guess **** happens.

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Keyboards / Re: TOP 7 WORST-SOUNDING keyboard switches of all time
« Last post by hikashi1988 on Sun, 15 July 2018, 21:00:19 »
Maybe should do a series on keyboard with good bottoming out feel?  :D
KeyCon 2018 / Re: KeyCon 2018 - Shared Photo Album
« Last post by BobCarltheThird on Sun, 15 July 2018, 20:57:23 »
I want that Alps Kingsaver. Hit me up, I'll jerk you off under the Queensboro Bridge  :thumb:
That kingsaver is at LEAST worth a blowie or two  :))
Group Buys and Preorders / Re: [GB] Modern M0110 custom keyboard
« Last post by dead_pixel_design on Sun, 15 July 2018, 20:55:30 »
When will we get info on the engraving limitations? We are coming up on the submission deadline but can't even make a file yet
Group Buys and Preorders / Re: [GB] 75SQ (Acrylic 75% keyboard) [Refund]
« Last post by kiwi99 on Sun, 15 July 2018, 20:50:54 »
received my refund, sort of a bittersweet moment as I was really looking forward to this board but oh well maybe in the future I'll be able to pick one up.  Congrats on the move to leeku, hopefully everything goes well and these boards will be available again later.
Off Topic / Re: What are you listening to right now? [2.0]
« Last post by catamscott on Sun, 15 July 2018, 20:49:39 »

a man after my own heart right here. you see that they're recording new stuff? absolutely stoked for that
Off Topic / Re: America Fu*k Yeah
« Last post by JP on Sun, 15 July 2018, 20:48:42 »
I didn't want a truck but my dad talked me into getting one when I needed a new vehicle. It's been a great vehicle overall. In rare occasions I've used it as a truck to move stuff and even use four wheel drive in winter. It's great for hauling my bikes and hauling junk when I go picking for keyboards and old computers. On long trips which is everyday I pay for it at the pump. Insurance is cheap at least. Also with a lot of reckless and aggressive drivers on the highway it definitely feels a lot safer.
Group Buys and Preorders / Re: [GB] SaiB - CP
« Last post by PainMaster on Sun, 15 July 2018, 20:47:55 »
> 2018-07-16 Update

Last Weekend, I picked up the (Last) 6 top housing from the factory.

And, I Build TitanGray Sample of realThing.

All the configurations are complete.

After final inspection

Shipment will begin this week!

> TitanGray Sample Mobile Cut



> TitanGray Sample Home Cut




> TitanGray Sample Studio Cut





Glad to be in the the last hurrah. Since you called it round "pi", would you consider having "π" (that is Geekhack's font's fault for looking weird, it is legitimately pi in Greek) subtly machined into the case somewhere? It would really make it a great final touch. Just a thought...
I love this, yes pls
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