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Advice on modding QFR
« on: Fri, 11 October 2013, 12:33:46 »
Hey all,

I'm not a huge fan of my QFR mainly because I don't enjoy the blue switches it turns out. So I am planning on trying to mod it. I am thinking of trying to make some jailhouse blues. My question is, can anyone point me to a video or some resources on  how to remove switches from the QFR board? Most of my info comes from the simple questions and answers thread that I have been digging through (awesome thread!). I'm pretty sure it will involve desoldering(?) as it's plate mounted. I've watched some of whitefiredragons videos where he disassembles the board (the comparison of QFR to Filco was very informative) but any info on the proper way to actually remove switches, bonus if theres a guide on actually showing the jailhouse mod in action.


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Re: Advice on modding QFR
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