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Greetings all,

I've recently purchaed my first mech keyboard (Poker browns) and mostly here to look for some inspiration on how to best mod it.  Hopefully once things come back to normal I'll be able to see some threads on how others have modded their Poker's. Looking forward to seeing.

Welcome to GH!

As far as modding, the poker has some easy ones to start with including switch and spring swaps without the need to desolder/solder.

And you can always play with keycaps.

Here is the "Post Yo Pokers" pics thread:


--- Quote from: absyrd on Sat, 21 July 2012, 07:36:14 ---Here is the "Post Yo Pokers" pics thread:

--- End quote ---

Thanks absyrd! Some great pokers in there. Shame a few photos are missing in the transition to the new boards but with any luck will see some more soon.

They're trying to get media back on the site, we'll see :)

Welcome to GH

Welcome to the place where money comes to die.


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