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Keyboard of the Month - April - Vote

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Happy May everyone, hope you are all keeping well and keeping yourselves entertained.

We've got three delightful boards representing the (almost) full range of keyboard sizes!

First up we have katotaka's Ortho....board?

Full build thread can be found here

Next is subcat's Realforce 84U

A couple more shots can be found here

Finally is kekstee's HHKB Hipro

One more shot in the Topre thread here

As always the poll wilkl last for seven days! Good luck!

Something for everyone this month, and not an easy choice :thumb:

not even close lmao don't make me lose hope in humanity


--- Quote from: Sifo on Wed, 06 May 2020, 13:21:16 ---not even close lmao don't make me lose hope in humanity

--- End quote ---

We all know these threads do nothing for your hope in humanity.

Humanity is doomed, people can't even cope with staying home for a month even in the age of webcams and unlimited mobile minutes!  Source: there's more traffic day by day


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