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Hello Geekhack!

GB live February 1st to February 28th!

This keyset is heavily inspired by the IDE theme One Dark Pro.
I wanted to offer a Pbt set kind of discrete with a composition potential using the several kits available.

--- Quote ---Why choose ePbt? Because the MOQ policy is way more flexible for child kits with less popularity like FR/BE/Norde/dvorak and so on. This set without this compatibility makes no real sense to me as i mainly made it for people not being able to get for example GMK Oblivion / Nord which are in the same tones / theme.
--- End quote ---

Delivering time will be confirmed at the end of GB by ePbt, we are targeting end of 2021.

IC Thread

Prices kbdfans


Worldwide: Kbdfans
EU: Candykeys
Canada: DeskHero
AU: SwitchKeys
South East Asia: Rebult Keyboards


Keyboard Renders



Thanks to Oblotzky, Biip, nu_types for the renders and help; all of the other you know who you are and you know how thankfull i am.

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Sooner than i expected - but glad its here  :thumb: gl

Happy to see this set finally come to fruition :thumb:

nailed it with the kit names



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