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[GB] GMK Cyrillic WoB & Beige

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Discord for updates:

Hello all - I present to you GMK Cyrillic WoB & Beige.

GB May 1st - June 1st. Estimated shipping Q2 2022.

USA: Cannon Keys
Canada: Deskhero
Europe: MyKeyboard
UK: Proto[Typist]
China: Zfrontier
Asia: Zfrontier EN
South Korea: Swagkeys
SEA: Monokei
Oceania: Daily Clack
UA: Funkeys
(product page links added as they go up)

GMK white-on-black and retro beige, now with Cyrillic sublegends. These are brand new doubleshot moulds developed for this project, paid for in part by this and GMK Red Alert. Given the slightly higher cost by default, kits are done with maximum bang-for-buck in mind, with support for 60%, 65%, 75%, TKL and TGR Alice-layout boards.

More info on the sublegends: More
- grave, Q, W, E, U, I, O, P, ], A, S, G, K, L, semi-colon, apostrophe, Z, X, B, M, comma, period: all using T0mb3ry's mono Cyrillics as sublegends
- R, T, Y, [, D, F, H, J, C, V, N: all using Cherry Latin as sublegends
- the '/' tertiary legend on the pipe key has been put in the top right to be more accurate to the way it's used
- position changed to bottom right of the keycap to be consistent with the rest of the Cyrillic. This is a change that Cherry made in their later Cyrillic boards that hasn't translated through to a lot of modern sets.

And now for the renders. Many thanks to the talented pikku-allu for these and going above and beyond for this project, killing it as usual  :D


TGR Alice:

Keycult No. 1:

$119.99 / 119.99, see vendor pages for rest. Will be adding links on the GB page as they go up.


In for both.


I'm here for the pikku renders

God ****ing damn, they're so good


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