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* All kits (except for NorDe), all deskmats, cable, both artisans will go into production.

You want fries with that?

Inspired by the seemingly-mandatory diners present in most of the shows we watched growing up. Wouldn't it be cool to deck out your keyboard like it was actually part of your favorite 90's sitcom? It would, it would be totally cool. The GMK Diner group buy is now open and serving!

* 📸 Instagram
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Pricing & Vendors

* EU: CandyKeys
* Canada: AshKeebs (deskmats, cable)
* UK: Protozoa (ships from UK warehouse)
* US: Protozoa (ships from US warehouse, cable)
* Mexico: Rheset
* South America: Latamkeys
* Oceania: Daily Clack (deskmats and cable)
* South Korea: Monstargear (deskmats)
* SEA: Monokei (addons)
* China: KBDfans
* Japan: Basekeys
US-based? You can pick up the cable directly from Space Cables' website.

Base, spacebars and modifier novelties on a Mode Eighty.

Base, spacebars and modifier novelties on a Mason Sixty.

Base, spacebars and modifier novelties on a Boop65.

Base and modifier novelties on a RAMA M60a.

Base, spacebars and modifier novelties on a RAMA Koyu.

Base, spacebars, modifier novelties and macro novelties on a Vulcan Maja.


Base Kit
A simple yet complete base kit covering your typical 60-100%, including HHKB and Alice layouts. ISO and minimal 40s support included.

Modifier Novelties
A variety of novelties for escape, enter, ISO enter, control, win, alt and fn keys.

Macro Novelties
4 columns and 5 rows of novelties yours to mix and match.


NorDe kit is no longer available since it's not going to meet MOQ.




Artisans by Protozoa
Produced by Protozoa, designed by MVKB, these artisans will add some flavor to any keyboard. There's a R1 1U ketchup bottle, and a R3 2.25U ketchup squirt. Both are aluminum with a white coating, filled in with 3 different colors of resin.

Cable by Space Cables
Space Cables created this absolutely stunning custom cable which is a perfect match for the Diner theme. USB C, 5 feet (1,5m) length, coiled, and topped of with an engraved aviator.

Buy from Space Cables

Mason60 by Brazen
I reached out to Brazen after seeing their stunning Jesmonite boards. The style seemed like a perfect match for Diner. Happy to announce they're running a black and white version of their unique board especially for GMK Diner.

60% keyboard case (PCB not included), Optional wrist rest, removable screw posts and stand offs, silicone O-ring dampeners, optional EVA case foam, beautiful cork bottom.

Buy from Brazen


Left to right: RAL 5007, RAL 5000, RAL 3028 and RAL 1023. 2 decades ago these would've been the brightest colors you can imagine, but the many many years of sitting in a diner had a fading effect on them. Is that grease I smell?

* 📸 Instagram
* 📰 Newsletter
* 🌐 Website
* 💬 MVKB Discord


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Ayy, congrats Tim on another GB! Really excited for this one :)

This looks like one of those sets that looks cool only in renders :(

Instacop. Love, love, love this vibe... only problem is I now want a burger.



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