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[GB] Oceanographer 45% Keyboard // GB Closed - Test PCBs in Route to Prototypist

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Where to purchase this keyboard:
North America (US, Canada, Mexico) - Else -

Video of Jae from TopClack building his prototype and the wonderful things he has said about this board!

Oceanographer is a Premium, 45% layout keyboard that is heavily influenced by 2 of my favorite boards; The Pearl and The Minivan.
Oceanographers Feature List:
* Minivan Inspired Layout with Multiple Bottom Row Options (1.75U Backspace)
* 2 Piece Aluminum Case with 4 mounting points and alignment pills
* 3 Degree Typing Angle
* .5U Blocker to separate arrow keys
* Top Mount
* Brass Plate and FR4 Plate with 6 mounting points
* Large Brass Weight with artwork by Brooke aka Meatsmoothies
* Ship Wheel Engraving on Top Backside
* STM32 Diode-Less PCB with ESD protection designed by Taylor
* Center Mount USB-C
* Rotary Encoder
* OLED Screen
* Speaker
* Indicator LEDS between Q, W, and E similar to the Minivan
Layout Options

COLORS AVAILABLE - Jet Black, Ocean Blue, Rose Gold, Forest Green, and Ursula Purple

Here is the album of prototypes:
Custom Resin Knobs will be available for $10USD Each


* How much will this board cost? - A full base kit will be $350 USD.  Any add-ons such as extra PCBs, or plates will be available at an additional cost.
* What is the expected lead time? - Expected Ship Date is Q2 2022
* What is included in the Base kit? - Case in your color choice, Brass and FR4 Plates, Brass Weight, PCB, Rotary Encoder, Rotary Knob in Silver Metal, OLED and additional case hardware.
* How much does this board weigh? - Fully built just over 5lbs with switches and keycaps.  With GMK Keycaps multiple prototypes weighed in at 5.05lbs or 2290.65g
* Will this board have RGB? - No.  I wanted this board to be more “elegant” and as such we left RGB off this version.
* Will Ortho be available? - No. The 1.75U backspace makes this a little more difficult and we don’t plan on this being available at this time.
* Will there be custom knobs available in the GB? - Yes, they will be $10 USD each and colors are finalized above as they will match the case colors of the boards.
* What colors will be available? - Jet Black, Ocean Blue, Rose Gold, Forest Green, and Ursula Purple
* What Plate Options are available? - Brass and FR4 will be the only options during GB.  After the GB ships to the buyers we will post the plate files for you to have other options available to source on your own such as aluminum, copper, etc...
* What Keycap Compatibility will I need for this? - Any Base + 40’s kit that includes a 1.75U backspace will fit this board.
* Will there be any limited editions or founders editions? - No.  I hate the idea of falsely inflating supply/demand due to special editions.  The only “Founders Editions” are those that were in the prototype run and they have a small designation on the weight to signify that.
* What Vendors are you using? - Aeternus Decorum and Prototypist
Thank you for looking at this and I am excited to finally bring this board to reality with all of you!



So good to see this project come to fruition! Glwgb

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glwgb hedgey!

Chris Mechs and Co:
Had the pleasure of seeing one of these at a meetup. They’re FANTASTIC. highly recommend to anyone on the fence. That weight is HEAVY and I love every bit of it. Best of luck hedgey!


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