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[GB] SA Polyclear Important Announcement (Leadtime delays)

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Important Update

SA Polyclear's estimated fulfillment date is being moved to Q4 2022

After discussions with Signature Plastics, it has been determined that the prior-announced lead time of around 3 months after GB end is, unfortunately, unfeasible. The quote for a 3 month lead time was provided assuming a much smaller amount of units would be purchased , but due to the success of the Polyclear's GB means that estimate is no longer applicable. Sadly Signature Plastics did not communicate that the original lead time was contingent on order quantity and we failed to foresee that possibility. For this I take responsibility for the resulting situation.
Since the 3 month lead time was a large part of what was advertised we will be offering full refunds for anyone who no longer wishes to participate in the Polyclear GB, this is effective now until the end of this year. (11:59PM, Dec 31st)

If you wish to refund your order please contact your regional vendor and make a request, please be aware that refund policy differs between vendors.
If you purchased through me on NOESC and wish to refund your order please message me with your order number to

Please accept my sincere apologies we appreciate your patience and understanding. If you have any further questions I will try and respond to them best I can in this thread.

Group Buy 20th of Sept - 20th of October
Expected Shipping Q1 2022.


CA: Alphakeys
US: Vala
EU: Candykeys
CN: Zfrontier Zfrontier CN
JP: Basekeys
KR: Swagkeys
SEA: Zion Studios
OCE: All Caps
IND: Rectangles



MoreSA Polyclear with:
 SA Nightlight by Frosty on the Boston120 by Bluepylon --- SA Ramses by Avrocado on the QAZ by Whydobearsxplod
 SA Spectra by Nasp on the Whimsy by PRKNS --- SA Espresso by Jpoc on the M0lly by TheKeyCompany
SA Polyclear on the Ikki68 by Wuque Studio --- SA Fledgling by Andromache on the Rotor by Popsmoke.

I had some prototypes made, namely some 9u bars.

An extreme closeup reveals the shot pattern that only occurs on the longer keycaps, this pattern is barely visible under normal conditions.

Special Thanks
ImperfectLink for the renders and video.
Cthalupa, SpikedSynapse, Afresh and ThickJimmy, click their names for some of their projects/work.

Approved :thumb:

Just blanks? I dont get it.


--- Quote from: mydens on Sun, 19 September 2021, 10:21:50 ---Just blanks? I dont get it.

--- End quote ---

They're not blanks, the legends are just transparent...

Do you have plan for Cherry or KAT?


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