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Our alien robot overlords are here, and you too can join their squadron of nuclear-powered spacecraft by purchasing this set of controls keycaps. This is a limited time offer available from October 4 2021 until November 4 2021 at an electronics store on-line e-commerce website*. Don't miss out on this amazing deal!

*Internet connection required.


This set is an homage to the sci-fi books, TV shows and movies we all grew up with. It takes inspiration from a bunch of them, and adds its own little twists. Every single legends is custom designed, including the made-up alien-overlord language. The name "Command" comes from "By your command!", the Cylon battle cry from Battlestar Galactica.

We've really gone all out with the collaborations, which include 2 aluminum artisans, an aluminum knob, and even an absolutely stunning premium acrylic TKL board based on Protozoa's succesful GLITCH/FROST line.

This set is expected to ship Q2-Q3 2022.

Command is currently in group buy, available from these vendors:

* Europe: CandyKeys
* United States: Protozoa (TKL board, artisans, knob) (ships from US warehouse)
* United Kingdom: Protozoa (TKL board, artisans, knob) (ships from UK warehouse)
* Canada: Ashkeebs (deskmats, TKL board)
* China: zFrontier
* Japan: Basekeys (TKL board)
* Singapore: Hex Keyboards (collaborations)
* Oceania: Daily Clack (deskmats, TKL board)


Whimsy by PRKNS

Conone 80 by KindaKeyboards

Boop 65 by Biip



Command comes in 15 different kits (2 alpha kits, 3 modifier kits, numpad, spacebars and 8 international kits). It features a unique design with a simple color palette (RAL 3020 and RAL 9005). The Modifiers kit includes some extra keys so it can be used to deck out 2 boards (if you get 2 alpha kits). Caps are matte (not shiny).



Keyreative was kind enough to provide me with a full set of samples. The colors are absolutely stunning and the legends crisp, but let's dive into some of the obvious issues, and how I'm planning on making this one of the highest quality keysets out there.


These are just samples, and a first round of them too. No alignment efforts were made during the production of this first set. Good news: These legends are super easy to align because they're all pretty much a rectangle.


Depending on how the light reflects off the caps, you can kinda see a blue-ish tint. Keyreative is working on this (it's caused because of the pigments they use), and if that doesn't work, I'll slightly tweak the color so it's closer to black. Worst case scenario, there might be a reddish tint in the black.


You might've seen this issue on some other KAM sets, but sadly there isn't a good solution for this. So instead of having homing bars for Command, I asked Keyreative to create a scooped 1u KAM mold instead (something they don't have today). This won't have the discoloring issue, and provides the tactile feedback you need to know your hands are in the right position.

The Protozoa Command TKL is a premium acrylic board produced by Protozoa. It's based on their successful line of GLITCH/FROST boards. The colors match Command, and it comes with a custom-engraved top plate and solder PCB with custom screen printed artwork which supports a knob in the top right corner.


* CNC stacked plastic case
* CNC milled polycarbonate bottom
* Silicone sandwich mount
* Custom silicone pad foot
* Silkscreened PROTOZOA x MVKB solder PCB (included, supports a knob)
* Fits cftkb's Mysterium PCBs, or other Protozoa Mysterium based PCBs.
* Colors: Fire or Dark
* Weight: ~2.6 kg (~5.73 pounds)
* CNC Polycarbonate (frosted) plate with universal layout (ANSI + ISO)
Note: Renders show an ANSI plate and hotswap PCB; actual TKL will include an ANSI+ISO plate and solder PCB (supporting split backspace, split right shift, Tsangan or ANSI bottom row, ISO, switch or knob top right). Board will also include an encoder for the knob. Knob not included.

Milled from aluminum and bead blasted for a matte finish. The vents are filled with resin as dark as outer space. Produced by Protozoa, these come in a 1u (escape key) and 2.25u (return key) version. The shape is custom but matches the profile of KAM caps.

Aluminum milled knob for your knob needs. Engraved and resin filled top with Command symbols. Two piece design with hotswap screwless exterior. Includes both red and black outer grip o-rings.

Produced by Protozoa. Render by Alex Sailer.

2 premium quality deskmats, 900x400mm, 4mm thick.

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I would add how the finish is. Atleast in the IC thread you mentioned it's the same as KAM Wraith (matte).


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