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TRIFL alpha Group Buy open until March, 5th

TRI:angular FL:at The uniform keycap profile with triangular finger dishes.

Open from January, 20th 2023 to March, 5th 2023.

Available at

Fulfillment target: Q2 2023, 100% made in Germany

For more information, see the buyer's guide.

After more than 2 years of refinement, prototyping and research (Original IC) they are finally ready! This is the group buy for the TRIFL keycaps!

The keycaps will be 3D printed using the Multi Jet Fusion process and will be sintered from PA12 / nylon powder. The order will be compiled after group buy end and submitted to my manufacturer here in Germany. They usually run on a lead time of around 7 work days. Shipping can hopefully start in March and will be first in first out. Shipping method will be DHL Warenpost so I can offer affordable global shipping.
Natural stone grey

Dyed black


Due to the printed caps being porous and the black ink being acetone soluble, grey caps will darken with use, black caps will lighten with use and black caps will lose ink when washed. For the best used look, wash black caps in a washing bag after several months of use in a regular washing machine on the synthetics setting.

Black caps come at a slight premium because of the added dyeing process.

The keycaps are printed front first, back last, with a layer height of 80 micron (roughly 3 thou). Due to the properties of the printing process, this leads to a smoothing on the front curvature making layer lines over the whole keycaps invisible, but generating tiny visible layer stepping on the back of the keycap. This look was an deliberate artistic choice and preferred over other printing orientations as it presents very cleanly from the front while also showing off the 3D printed origins on the back side:

The base kits are meant to provide easy and quick coverage of the most common keyboard layouts. All kits are available in natural stone grey as well as dyed black.
Core Alpha (grey:79 black:83)

Modifier (grey:47 black:49)

Braille (grey:54 black:57)

40s Alpha (grey:52 black:55)

Arrows (grey:18 black:19)

Homing (grey:18 black:19)

Novelties (grey:18 black:19)

To cover more layouts the following packs are also available in stone grey and dyed black:

* 8x 1U (grey:14.50 black:15)
* 4x 1.25U (both: 9)
* 4x 1.5U (both: 10)
* 2x 1.75U (both: 5.50)
* 2x 2U (both: 6)
* 2x 2.25U (both: 6.50)
* 1x 2.75U (both: 3.50)
* 1x 3U (both: 4)
* 1x 6U (both: 6)
* 1x 6.25U (both: 6)
* 1x 7U (both: 7)
* 8x 1U Novelty (grey:18 black:19)
If you don't know which kits to order, post your layout and I will help you out!

For more pictures and information see

Approved :thumb:

So excited about these. They look dope and the Braille kit is such an neat idea.

"Learn touch typing with Braille" is kind of the idea.

Since someone had this question on the Discord: if you don't know which kits to order, post your layout and I will help you out!

Added this to the main post as well. Kitting is a bit unusual to allow for more flexibility.


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