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[IC] Nooir - N1 | won the best 75% and best keyboard of MODE 2024 meetup

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I could be in an earthquake and Aftershock and feel nothing for these dampeners... Lol

Yeah like it, it's original and a massive show piece

Looks amazing, saw the post on zFrontier. The keyboard looks immaculate; if only there was a colorway without the white sprinkles like the one on the Space colorway and an option for a Poly Carbonate plate. Would be great to see some review videos of the keyboard and looking forwards to the GB date.

my very first comment since joining geekhack. my jaw dropped when i saw this. even my husband is excited about it (he doesn't use computers) because he loves the engineering. innovative designs in this space are why i am here!

Why is the special edition twice the price of the "regular" one, is it just the PVD?

Also this engraving:

Is hilarious and feels completely antithetical to the rest of the design: Downbeat hand-drawn craft aesthetics vs. Functional, sci-fi industrial

Finally, an extremely interesting design thatís different from whatís released on the market. Iím in for this one!


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