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[IC] GMK CYL Prussian Alert - Kitting Updated & New Renders

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IC Form | Discord

Kitting Changelog
MoreBase Kit:
- Added: R2 1.50U Pipe Mod Colored / R3&R4 1U PgUp&PgDn.
- Removed: R4 2.25U Shift (Added to the Alpha Kit) / R5 1U 00.
- Other changes: Super replaced with System / Scroll Lock & Num Lock replaced with Scroll & Num.

- Added: Five Relegendables in Prussian Blue / Arrow Keys in Prussian Blue (Not only for looks, but it gives you more layout compatibility for building two keyboards when you buy Base-Alpha-Extension).
No more 40s support since the interest was lower than 10% based on the kitting IC Form.
- Removed: Relegendable Mod Colored / R5 1U Ctrl.

Alpha Kit:
- Added: R4 2.25U Shift.

- Non-Alert Kit.

I'm still open to suggestions, feel free to share them here, in my Discord or in the IC Form if you haven't filled it already.

MoreEU: Oblotzky
UK: Prototypist
US: Novelkeys
South America: Fancy Customs
KR: Geonworks
CN: KBDfans
OCE: SwitchKeys
SEA: iLumkb
India: NeoMacro

Intro & Specs
MoreHello good lads, this is my first keycap IC.
This set was inspired by a keyboard friend of mine whose favorite shade of blue is Prussian Blue. He was looking forward to GMK Prussian Blue GB, but it got indefinitely postponed. To troll him, I started designing something with the same blue and a simple idea came to my mind what about an *insert color here* Alert set? At the same time, I wanted to do something a little different and I didnt like how it looked with the often-used beige as a base, so instead I ultimately chose to use white and grey.

GMK CYL Prussian Alert uses three RAL Design colors:
RAL 230 20 20 Prussian Blue
RAL 000 65 00 Mortar Grey
RAL 000 85 00 Shadow White

Cherry Profile Doubleshot ABS (UV Printed Sublegends for Alpha Kit)

If you are interested in being a vendor, want to collaborate or have further suggestions, feel free to contact me on Discord (g_tour).
Im more than happy to have a chat with anyone.


Base Kit - Price TBD

Extension Kit - Price TBD

Alpha Kit - Price TBD

Colors are inverted for a more muted look.
You can build two keyboards (Two ANSI or One ANSI/One ISO) when bought with the Base Kit.
The Cyrillic Sublegends will be the same as GMK WoB Red Cyrillic - Thanks Qarmaa for your kindness!

Non-Alert Kit - Price TBD

Base Kit Explained
MoreWhy is there a forced Alert Bar in the Base Kit?
With the set not being beige, I removed the R1 Mono Bar completely and went straight with the Alert one in the Base Kit (See KKB Violet Alert as an example, which has both in the Base Kit but lacks Numpad and Alice support).
This saves cost and should allow the Numpad, Alice, and R5 support to be in the Base Kit while hopefully maintaining a competitive price. Also, most of the people buying an Alert set want the Alert Bar and not having to buy a separate Alert Kit means less cost to them.

Why no 40s support in the Base Kit?
With the set being Alert, it doesnt cater to 40% users so I decided not to include 40s support in the Base Kit. If you want to put this set on a 40% keyboard there is the option to buy the Extension Kit, where I included the basic 4-Key 40s support.

I want to give a huge thanks to Foggytypes for helping me with the kitting, you are awesome.


Amano by

W1-AT by Geon

Cake HHKB by Haytco

Frog TKL by Geon

Dino104 by nFaiz

F1-8X by Geon (RAW)

MorePhotos shot with artificial light set at 5000k

Note: Prussian Blue is quite literally a crazy color. I spent hours trying to do a photo that would match the in-real-life color and was just not possible (In fact, as you can see, also the color on the RAL Chart does not match Prussian Blue). The IRL color is softer and has a very slight green tint.

If you want, check Geon YT livestream where he shows the samples:
Geon YT livestream
The link redirects to the exact minute where he starts showing the samples

What to do next
GB Date & Pricing

I also want to thank Zucanio (The guy who likes Prussian Blue), Khor, Dan, Pigiamons, il Pino and all the fantastic people of MechBoutique.


forced alert :cool: I like the look of the inverted cyrillic kit but never a fan of UV printed legends personally--would prefer this with kkb if you're set on having different colored subs

ah gitur gitur! Nice project!

Why is there a Cyrillic alphas kit? Prussia did not use the Cyrillic alphabet. Its fine if you just really want Cyrillic. Also, by omitting the number row the Cyrillic alpha kit is incomplete.


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