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[IC] Wolf Warrior Keycaps Sets Dual Colourways (updated)

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Origin Story:

The Wolf Warrior keycaps set by BerserKeys come in two captivating colorways, each with its unique symbolism:

Light Colorway: This colorway, inspired by the Viking berserkers in their human form, features a gradient that transitions from pristine black to various shades of gray, and eventually white. The journey from black to white represents the mortal aspect of the berserker, embodying their strength, valor, and human nature.

Dark Colorway: In contrast, the "Dark" colorway delves into the mythological transformation of berserkers into wolves. This colorway's gradient transitions from white to deep, bold black, symbolizing the mystical transition into the wolf. The black hues evoke the primal and untamed nature of the wolf, embodying its raw power and instinct.

Both colorways are an artistic representation of the duality of the berserker's existence, reflecting the balance between human strength and the untamed spirit of the wolf. With the "Wolf Warrior" keycaps sets, you are not just customizing your keyboard; you are embracing the rich history and legacy of these Viking warriors in a tangible and powerful way.




Only keycaps are included, any keyboard shown is for reference only and is not included.
The 3D renderings shown here are for illustrative purposes only and final colours may vary slightly. If there is any difference, the actual product shall prevail.
Due to limitations of the software we use, the font in the overview renderings with row numbers is incorrect. But the fonts in the renderings of those keycaps installed on the keyboard are correct.


Profile: Cherry

Material: PBT

Production Process: Dye sublimation

Number of Keys: 169

Theme: Wolf Warrior

Colourway: Dark / Light

Keyboard Layout Compatibility: From 60% to full size, including Alice layout.

Switch Compatibility: All Cherry MX-style switches

Packaging: ABS keycaps tray with designed box

Designer: BerserKeys


Based on current information, the estimated RRP is AUD$79.95 (USD$51.95) per set, or AUD$149.95 (USD$97.95) for both sets. The price may slightly change in the future.

Vendors & Collaboration:

Australia and Global: BerserKeys

Vendors from any other countries are welcome to contact us directly for collaboration. Please email:

Express of Interest:

Complete the IC form to express your interest in this design.

You can also see original post on our website for more details

In the meantime, please feel free to follow our Instagram account @berserkeys where we post occasional updates on project status.

We will also post relevant major news here on Geekhack and our Discord server


R1 Prototype is received from the manufacturer. (15/11/2023)

Real Shots:

where kitting render bro

Ugly font


--- Quote from: keepoto on Sat, 16 March 2024, 07:50:33 ---where kitting render bro

--- End quote ---
Hi, just let you know the kitting render has been uploaded now. Thank you.


--- Quote from: Dmitri on Sat, 16 March 2024, 09:50:22 ---Ugly font

--- End quote ---
Hi, this is actually one of the Norse fonts that we thought would resemble their culture and history. Thank you.


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