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New URSA keycaps profile for Topre keyboards

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Hey everyone,

It has been a while (2020!) since we first polled GeekHack for Topre keycaps. Well I hope you didn't lost hope, because we are back!

Ursa is a new keycap profile designed specifically with Topre keyboards in mind (so Topre stems, not MX!) by 23_Andreas. And we started taking pre-orders on Sunday! You can check out all the options on the website:



* Deep dish
* Spherical top surface
* Rows numbered from 1 to 5
* Convex bottom row
* Doubleshot PBT
Technical specs of URSA profile

Designer collab: MiniCom x biip

We are thrilled to have biip as our first designer collab colorway.

Inspired by the golden age of computer terminals and taking on the colorway of the iconic Minitel, Ursa MiniCom brings a touch of nostalgia while remaining timeless paired with the new vintage-inspired URSA keycap profile.

Read more and preview URSA MiniCom


Classic colorway

Black colorway

MiniCom colorway

Blue colorway

Red colorway


We made a few gorgeous metal artisans to match URSA unique aesthetics. They are CNC Aluminum, coated with a shiny PVD finish for extra durability and sparkles ✨.

URSA artisans prototypes in black, silver and gold colors

Updates and GB process

So far we have ordered a test mold, and received and approved the samples that came out of it. We did R1 1u to start, make sure the manufacturer can deliver up to our expectations in terms of quality in every aspect. The result has been satisfying so we decided to start that GB.

We will be posting regular updates on each round of samples in the coming months, until the GB is fulfilled.

Price & Kits

There are 4 kits available for now: “Base”, “Alphas”, “Mods” and “Extension”.

You only need Base kit to cover HHKB and FC660C layouts. For the rest you will need an extension kit.

Base kit = Alphas + Mods kits, they have been split to be able to mix and match (see for instance the Blue colorway)

Blanks kits include all keys (so base + extension) and are compatible with all keyboards. They only come in Black and Classic colorways.

Prices are as follow:

* Base kit: $80
* Alphas kit: $50
* Mods kit: $30
* Extension kit: $40
* Blanks kit: $60
* Artisans: $42
We really wanted to make sure the price point is affordable enough, yet allows us to offer a very premium product.

Details of URSA kitting


We (FK) are the main vendor, and have been joined by a few vendors:

* URSA x FK (worldwide)
* KLC's hobbyist playground (Korea, link TBA)
* ZFrontier (China, link TBA)
There will be no custom duties for our EU customers <3

➡️ Join the GB

One small step for keyboards, one giant leap for Topre

Looks interesting, I'll grab a few blanks. I can't help but think it's a missed opportunity not to offer the red/blue mods in blanks as well.

I could be wrong but I be they may do that. They said they don't have it now atm. Just thinking they may do it after alot of people are asking for it.

please keep asking yes, it helps us realize how many people want them!


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