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HHKB Hybrid Type S: Black or White (or Snow) for FEELS?


Been riding Topre boards since 2012. Had most of em: HHKB, Realforce 87 45, 55, R2 104, R2 88, etc.

Gotta get me Topre for my new job. Gotta be silent, coz office. So HHKB Hybrid Type S it is..

But previously... I also felt white felt smoother than black.

Is it still true (and why so) that white (or snow) is smoother / softer / less scratchy than black?

I don't think the colour really has a difference for hhkbs.

The snow variant is probably more different than the average black one but that's because the snow variant came out later, so it hasn't aged, which could lead to it being more scratchy I guess.


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