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Is someone here, who quit the hobby and is only lurking now?

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I got into custom keyboards back in the Fall of 2015, mostly because I was obsessed with keycaps (tall sphericals, to be more precise). Since then I have acquired all they keyboards, switches, and keycaps sets that I want and haven't really poured any money into this for some time now. I lurk mostly because I still like keyboards and I like seeing what's going on, but I'm not chasing a grail keyboard anymore (and I've never been into building my own from parts). Moreover, the fact that full size keyboards are mostly ignored by the hobby means very little comes out that is of any interest to me.

I've been in the hobby for about 5 years, and sometime last year ran out of room to practically engage in the hobby anymore; there's only so many boards one can store without becoming a hoarder.

For a while, I focused on collecting caps that optimally fit and matched with my existing boards. And when I finished with that project, I moved on to design - learning to make PCBs, plates, renders, and most recently keycap designs. I figure if I don't have room to participate directly anymore, I can still make things for others to enjoy.


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