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[IC] WS Endpoint



Hello! My name is Minisofu and this is the IC for WS Endpoint!


This set was inspired by "TUYU" and by both of their songs named "I'm getting on the bus to the other world, see ya!" and "If there was an Endpoint"
Ive taken the signature colours of purple, yellow and pink that is frequently used in the music video to create an aesthetic that is fitting for the keycap set


Disclaimer: Colors chosen may not be accurate or be slightly off, thus please be aware that the colors may come out differently when produced

Keycap Specifications

Cherry Profile

Production Method and Material
The novelties will be Dyesub PBT while the rest will be in Doubleshot PBT | This is to ensure that the novelties can have intricate designs and more colours while the rest will be crisp and clean.

The minimum MOQ of each set is 500, there will be some changes regarding the kitting as some may not hit that status quo and may need to be removed overall, but i will let the interest of the people decide the fate of the kiting of this keycap set

Deskmat Renders

Artisan Render

Board Renders

Board: Zoom75

Board: Zoom65

Vendor List


Wuque Studios


Contact Me @

Discord : minisofu

Wuque Studio's Discord Server

Special Thanks

To Anna, who helped me set everything up super quickly and making this IC possible in the first place

To my friends, AzeuthVT, Jermbork, Khai Kit, Tomme, Loki and Lit Yang for giving me feedback for the designs

And to Tenebris who has inspired me to design this set

Interested? IC FORM HERE

PS, there will be updates regarding anything that changes. Thank you so much for your feedback and sorry for the messiness as its my first set im designing. I hope you look forward to it !

Changes and Updates:

1. Alpha pipe key has been added into Base Kit (sorry for not including it whoops)
2. Base kit 1 enter key changed to pink while R2 esc key and F13 key will change to mod color
3. Pantone Colour 5255C will be removed, replaced with white
4. Super keys in base kit will change to Win and Menu to save costs
5. Renders updates + new board renders

6. Regarding recent news, i would like to continue designing this set and pushing it into
production as a tribute to TUYU and all the joy they brought us through their songs.
Thank you so much TUYU for making music.

Forced mod pipe? >:(

I like the colors tho

Personally I like mod pipe, but yeah, having no choice is a bummer. If it was the other way around I'd be feeling like you right now.


--- Quote from: bigmaxnonions on Thu, 16 May 2024, 06:59:12 ---Forced mod pipe? >:(

I like the colors tho

--- End quote ---

My mistake on there, i kinda did not realise that there were 2 of the same mod coloured pipe keys... oops. Well i've changed that now


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