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Double shot replacement Tool!

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This thread is to collect information on key cap pullers and where to get them.

Elitekeyboards can't deliver the quantity we need.

Instead, I've found this one:

Price would be ok:

--- Quote ---Price: $5.00 / 12 or More: $4.75
--- End quote ---

Are they trustworthy?

Looks okay to me, but might want to have someone call (iMav?) to get a better idea.
They seem to work with the US and State governments, so probably good.


--- Quote from: ripster;323283 ---Hooleon (link in the All About Keys Wiki) is higher priced in Qty1 but I bet if you gave them a call and asked for volume pricing they could bring it down a lot.

Wish I knew who did the Filcos, they are my fav.  The OEM can probably do a "Geekhack" logo.

Thumb Friendly!
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--- End quote ---

It looks a bit dangerous to me. Not that someone ends up like the one in the un-sharp section!!!

Ya,  the filcos are way nicer then the generic pullers.  We should try to get one with a GH logo on it as long as it doesnt hold the group buy up.

I inquired for an order of 100 Filco keycap pullers (new one as pictured above)

I'll get back to you as soon as I get the reply.


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