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[MO] Blue on Gray/ Dark Gray

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Very Sorry to do this, but this GROUP BUY is officially CANCELED!

This did not work out as I planned, mainly the way I tried to do it with a few different options.
However future group buys should go much smoother, I've learned a lot more this time around than my first single key buy.
Just because this did not work out doesnt mean I won't be trying again soon (although a diff colour scheme).

Look for a diff MO from me soon. It will be ONE option, with maybe a numpad addon.
I'm thinking black on very dark gray, something Harrison was considering doing.
Also I've gotten @10 canceled orders last 2 days, another reason this is done.

****s thats sexy!

First pic reminds me of Tron.

I'm in!

you already know im in for a couple aslong as the legends arent caps locked center and the way they are in the pic I think thats sexy

I'm most definately in for at least one set!


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