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[MO] AZERTY keycaps for IBM from Unicomp


I wanted to get some azerty keycaps for BS keyboards and buy them from Unicomp.
As the shipping cost is, prohibitive, i'm looking for others french Buckling Spring users to get a mass order and reduce shipping costs (maybe price too but i don't think we will have enough orders ...).

i don't think Strauss Kahn will fit the package :-) so don"t even think about it...

Why do you need to get a full AZERTY set -- IBM Model M and F are all the same height no matter what row of the keyboard you're on. You just need to swap them around (move the A to the Q etc.). There are of course some different symbol keys but you wouldn't need to order the majority of the board.

Really ?
I feel stupid i didn't knew :-)

There's still some problems with the number row and the special character but it'll be easier right now.
Thanks a lot

I keep the Mass order.


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